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Me? Yes, You!

Be an integral part of the journey. In the beginning, and periodically through your child's journey learning piano, it is important to be involved in the process. This may include setting with your child while he or she is working on an assignment, having your child teach you piano, and learning new concepts together are all equally important components to being involved. But these activities send a much deeper message to your child.

The research is clear, children learn from parental example. What you value, your child will value. If you want your child to learn the skills and discipline to play piano, you need to show your child that you value these skills too. As Berliner and Eyre state in their book, "Great Minds And How To Grow Them, "At the end of the day, the research is dazzlingly clear: parents have enormous impact on their children's academic success." I would add that parents have equally enormous impact on musical development.

Join in on your child's musical journey.......everything is better together.



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